Helles Beer

Helles (light) beer

Helles (from the German word for ‘light’, ‘pale’, or ‘bright’) beers are a little sweeter than Pilsner style beers with less hoppy bitterness. It is an easy drinking, popular style of beer. Produced chiefly in southern Germany, particularly Munich, it was so popular that it has traditionally been available wherever German beers are sold. It is sometimes known as “Export” or “Munich Lager”.

Our Weihenstephaner Original is from the Freising area north of Munich. The Benedictine Weihenstephan Abbey, established the oldest still operating brewery in the world in 1040. Documents from 768 refer to a hop garden paying tithes to the Abbey, which some consider the beginnings of the brewing tradition there. The city of Freising licensed the brewery in 1040, which is claimed as the official start date. They continue to work closely with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in their graduate studies program for brewing and beverage manufacturing. TUM was rated by Reuters as the 4th most innovative European university in 2017.

If you enjoy a smooth, mild, easy drinking beer with a hint of sweetness and very little bitterness, try the Weihenstephaner Original helles.

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