Kölsch Beer

Kölsch beer has a clear, bright, straw-yellow hue similar to other popular German beers brewed from mainly Pilsener malt.

Thirteen breweries produce Kölsch in and around Cologne, Germany according to specific brewing guidelines, including the German Beer Purity law. In adherence to the Kölsch Konvention of 1986 Kölsch may not be brewed outside the Cologne region. About ten other breweries in Germany produce beer in Kölsch-style, but are not allowed to call it Kölsch because they are not members of the convention. Outside of Europe, where EU law has no jurisdiction, many small breweries produce a hybrid ale lagered at low temperatures and call it “kolsch”, similar to ‘champagne’ and ‘tequila’.

The Fruh Brauhaus, founded by Joseph Fruh in 1904, is still run by the fifth generation of his descendants. It’s one of the most popular beers in Cologne and a favorite at the Depot Bier Hall. Try it out and taste the goodness of German Kölsch!

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