Karaoke League


Bismarck – Mandan’s first Karaoke League is starting at the Bier Depot January 18, 2019. Don’t just enjoy karaoke, hear the best of the area every Friday at 9:00. If you are a performer, grab your besties and form a team of 4 to 6 people for the first season. Every week there will be different themes, like 80’s, hair bands, etc. for individual and team performances. The cost is $200 per team, but 90% of team entrance fees will be paid back out in cash prizes.  See the League Rules or register by clicking on the link below and filling out the form.

Prizes!!  There will be gift certificates each week for:

  1. Top solo performance
  2. Top group performance
  3. Top scoring team overall

For the final round of the League season, first place overall will win a Cash Prize of 40% of all Karaoke League dues!  Second place gets 30%!

Sign Up for the Karaoke League

League Members:

Email your songs (two solos and one group number) to the League Commissioner (click here).   This is first come, first serve.  Each song can only be performed once per season by anyone in the league, regardless of the team.  If the song has already been registered, the League Commissioner will inform you via return email and you will have until the start of the first League night to choose another song.

Week 1 – January 18, 2019:

The song theme for the first week of League is (drum roll, please)…

One Hit Wonders!  Those wonderful songs by artists that were never able to duplicate their phenomenal success.