Our Spielmeister

Trampas Johnson, our official “spielmeister”

Spielmeister Trampas
Trampas Johnson, the spielmeister.

Spielmeister is German for “game master.” Our resident spielmeister is Trampas Johnson. He has been playing and teaching German-style board games (sometimes known as “Eurogames” or “designer games”) for nearly 20 years. He is in-house a few nights a week to help you learn new games FREE OF CHARGE – this is a complementary service the Mandan Depot Bier Hall provides. The bier hall is all about being social and board games are the perfect way to spend an evening with friends, or a great way to get to know new people!

And yes, FREE. Really. You are welcome to play our games while you’re in the Bier Hall. We ask you treat them like they were your own (we don’t need brats and beer ON the games) but other than that, you’re welcome to stay and play all you want.

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