Trivia Mafia – Every Thursday starting at 7:45pm

Trivia Mafia is old-school, team-based, pen-and-paper trivia. (None of this touchscreen nonsense.) We  ask questions about everything under the sun (and, in certain astronomy-themed rounds, stuff beyond that). Pop culture, history, geography, science, even wordplay and puzzles. There are no rules. Well, actually, there is one rule. As we like to say: “Use your noodle. Not your Google.

Meet your host Dave Shireley:

Dave Shireley Trivia Mafia host

So I’m 33, from Bismarck, graduated from Century, spent some time interning in the Senate, went to Colorado College where I was a hooker (that’s a position in rugby) and captain of the rugby club. I also made it to the final rounds of tryouts for the Jeopardy! College Championships. Twice. Then I went to New Zealand and write about the 2011 Rugby World Cup for After which I lived in NYC and wrote for Deadspin. Then I came back home and am currently an ESL teacher. I like to play tennis and curling and hold hands at sunset and go for long walks in the beach. By myself. Which makes for awkward handholding.